Asgata Ultra 70K - Race Information

Asgata Ultra: Asgata Square (70 km)
EVENT TYPE: Ultra road running race. The entire route is on asphalt roads.
RACE DATE: 20 April 2019
START – FINISH: The race starts at 06.00 on Saturday the 20th of April 2019 from Asgata village central square, follows a circular route and finishes at the same place.
APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: In order to be accepted to participate in the race, runners must have fulfilled one (1) of the following criteria within the last two (2) years.
- Finish a marathon race within 4:30 hours
- Finish a trail race of minimum 30km within organiser's limits.
Only 50 runners will be accepted the first year.
REGISTRATION PERIOD: Until 20 April 2019
PARTICIPATION COST: EUR30; and all net profits will be given to the needs of the Asgata Primary school. Payment link is sent after an applicant is approved to participate.
The organisers are not liable in case of injury, or even death of a runner. Participants upon registration should be fully aware of the difficulties of the race and confirm that they have no health problems.
TIME LIMITS: the race cut off time is at 12 hours (18:00 Saturday 20/04/19). All runners should be aware that there is also an intermediary cut off point at Ora village checkpoint 7, at 46th kilometer. Therefore, runners should reach the CP 7 within 7:30 hours after the start of the race . Runners who fail to arrive CP 7 on time will be disqualified.
BIB NUMBERS: Race BIB numbers will be handed on Saturday 20/04/19 from 05:00-05:50 hrs at the registration desk at Asgasta square (race starting point). It is required for all runners to have arranged and paid for the race fee in order to process their registration and issue a BIB number. All successful payments will result in the BIB numbers to appear in the participants’ list. It is mandatory for all runners to have their BIB number visible at all times, or easily accessible to show at the CPs during the race.
DROP BAGS: Runners are allowed to leave one drop bag that will be available at Ora village checkpoint 7, at 46th kilometer. Drop bags must be handed over to the organizing committee on Saturday from 05:00 – 05:50 hrs, at the start of the race at Asgata square. The drop bags must have the runner’s BIB number tag attached, which is provided by the organizers. No drop bags will be accepted after 05:50hrs due to the limited time available to forward them.
RACE BREIFING: A short technical briefing will take place at the starting line as soon as all runners receive their BIB numbers.
EXTERNAL HELP: External help is not permitted.
RUNNERS’ EQUIPMENT: There are no compulsory items that runners need to carry on with them. However, there are plenty of check points to replenish runners, the organizing committee strongly recommends that runners should carry at least 1lt of water (depending on weather conditions), energy gels, snacks, electrolytes, hat or bandana, etc.
CHECKPOINTS: There will be Eleven (11) CPs during the race course. Runners will be monitored at all CPs where they will find water, isotonic drinks, fruit juice, coke, bananas, crackers/biscuits, boiled potatoes, snacks etc. Almost all CPs will be equipped with minimal first aid supplies (vaseline, gauzes, deep freeze spray, band aids, Betadine (antiseptic), cotton, etc.). Finally, all runners should be aware of the race regulations and comply with them. Noncompliance with the above will result in the runner’s disqualification.
AWARDS: All finishers within the time limit will receive a souvenir medal, the race technical t-shirt and certification of completion, as well as gifts provided by the race sponsors. Award trophies will be given to the first three men and women of all ages. The awards ceremony will take place on the same day Saturday 20/04/19 at 15:30. Runners should be present at the awards ceremony to get their awards as per the race regulations. A reception is to follow right after the awards ceremony.
HEALTH & SAFETY: The race is supervised by the race director, organising committee, judges and stewards throughout its distance. A safety car will be available to pick up any runners who wish to quit, or do not reach the CP 7 before the cut off time.
DISCLAIMER: The organiser bears no responsibility whatsoever for loss of life, injury, or any health issues likely to arise during, or after the race. Runners agree in their application that they are aware of the race difficulty and ensure that they are in good health and fit to participate. A recent medical certificate, issued by a medical doctor, has to be sent by email to the organisers at least by 10/04/19. The organiser is not responsible for any property loss (garment, valuables or equipment). It is recommended that runners have insurance coverage during the event that will also cover their return to their home country in case of death, illness or injury.
GENERAL INFORMATION: The Asgata Ultra is conducted as per the International Association of Ultrarunners ( It is incumbent on all runners to respect the race rules and abide by the instructions and decisions of the judges, stewards and medical doctors. Noncompliance with the race rules will result in disqualification.
AS A QUALIFICATION RACE: Asgata Ultra 70K is one of the qualification races for participation in Euchidios Athlos 107,5KM
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Asgata Ultra Map
Access from Paphos-Limassol
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Asgata Ultra Map Asgata Ultra Map