Asgata Ultra 70K - Race Regulations

Clause 1: The Asgata Ultra is an international road running ultra-marathon. The race is for individuals and covers the circular route of 70km from Asgata village and back. The race duration is twelve (12) hours.
Clause 2: All applications should be submitted electronically no later than 10 April every year, or before the extension date, should there be one announced. Any applications received after 14 April will not be accepted. The Organising Committee will select all runners based on the performance requirements; their decision is irrevocable. The Organising Committee reserves the right to deny an application even if the runner meets the performance requirements. In this case the Organiser does not have to provide an explanation.
Clause 3: Runners will have to be present at the starting line at least an hour (1hr) earlier for preliminary checks. Late arrival will result in the runner’s disqualification.
Clause 4: Runners will have to provide a medical certificate (MC) of good health (download MC). The MC must include the MD’s statement that the runner is fit to participate in the race. The certificate needs to be recent, issued within six (6) months before the race.
Clause 5: The Organising Committee bears no responsibility whatsoever for the runners’ health during and after the race. Runners agree to assume full responsibility of their health and absolve the Organiser and any participant parties (judges, volunteers, police or sponsors) from any responsibility.
Runners should realise that the race is demanding, ensure that their health condition allows them to participate and that they are adequately prepared. Runners should also be aware that due to the immense race distance, medical coverage is not available throughout the race and at all times.
Clause 6: Runners who wish to collect their personal items at the designated Ora village checkpoint (46km) must hand over their drop bag with the relevant tag provided by the organisers showing their BIB number. The drop bags must be handed over the day of the race from 05:00-05:50 hrs at the registration desk.
Clause 7: On completion of the 12 hour race limit, any runner who has been eliminated due to cut-off time but wishes to continue the race, can do so in his/her own full responsibility. In such case, the organiser is absolved of any liability for the health and safety of the runner.
Clause 8: Runners must run on the right hand side of the road except from specific sections, which will be designated. In these sections traffic will be allowed on the left hand side of the road.
Clause 9: Foreign runners (non-Cypriots) are allowed to bear their flag and their national emblem on their apparel.
Clause 10: Runners must wear their BIB number visibly on their chest or back at all times and must display their BIB number during CPs.
Clause 11: All types of political messages, product promotion (marketing), beliefs and slogans are not allowed on the runners’ apparel.
Clause 12: Runners are to display their BIB number at every CP or race official. Refusal to display and declare the BIB number will result in disqualification.
Clause 13: Runners are only to receive help at the designated CPs. It is forbidden to be followed by a vehicle, bicycle, or individuals unrelated to the race, apart from the Organiser’s vehicles. A warning will be issued if a runner is found to violate any of the above. A second warning will result in disqualification.
Clause 14: Under no circumstances are runners allowed to ride on any type of wheeled vehicle, including skateboards or rollerblades. Any violation of this clause will result in disqualification.
Clause 15: Runners must follow the designated route at all times. If for any reason a runner deviates from the course, he/she must return on foot at the point where he/she diverged. Only the organiser can transport a runner, if this is deemed necessary, to the point where he/she deviated.
Clause 16: Any runners found using any illegal substances (doping) will be disqualified.
Clause 17: The use of mp3 players, headphones and any kind of music reproduction device is prohibited. Runners are to stay vigilant for health and safety reasons.
Clause 18: Should a runner wish to withdraw from the race (DNF), he/she must hand over his/her BIB number to a race official and sign the withdrawal form at the nearest CP.
Clause 19: A runner who hands over his/her BIB number (DNF) is not allowed to remain in the race and re-enter at a later point without a number. Runners without a number are to be carried to the finish by the organiser. Any runner with his/her own means of transportation must declare this in the withdrawal form found at the nearest CP.
Clause 20: All runners are to reach the CPs no later than the cut off times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification where runners must hand over their BIB numbers. Where judged necessary by the organisers, runners may be allowed to proceed to the next CP as long as they remain within the time limits. Failure to reach the next CP on time will result in disqualification.
Clause 21: Support crews are not allowed.
Clause 22: All runners are to be aware of the race Regulations. For any further clarifications please contact the organisers.
Clause 23: All runners, volunteers and judges must respect the environment and refrain from littering. If any of the above are caught littering, they will be disqualified from participating to the race again.
Clause 24: It is prohibited to dawdle with support vehicles or bicycles along the course throughout the race duration (12 hours). Only the following types of vehicles are allowed to be on the course with the necessary permission from the Organisers.
- Vehicles providing medical help or physiotherapeutic support. These vehicles must provide their services to all runners, if asked.
- Media vehicles and photographers covering the event. These vehicles must park away from the CPs and avoid obstructing runners or delay their route.
Clause 25: For safety reasons all support vehicles and people involved in the race must drive slowly on the left hand side. Vehicles should drive at all times with their hazard warning lights on.
Clause 26: Support cars should not travel at the same speed as the runners. This is considered unlawful and will result in the runner’s disqualification. Friends and spectators should not travel in the race opposite direction.
Clause 27: In general, violation of rules regarding external help will result in the runner’s disqualification.
Clause 28: CPs can change location without warning due to weather conditions, road works, road lighting etc.
Clause 29: All runners are expected to respect the Olympic spirit and Olympic ideals. Runners are to show impeccable manners and behave with courtesy to their fellow runners and the organisers.
Clause 30: Finishing runners, regardless of ranking, are to be present at the prize award ceremony. Any athletes who for any reason choose to leave the award ceremony will not be awarded and will not receive the race awards. Should an athlete is unable to attend the award ceremony, he/she should inform the organisers in advance.
Clause 31: Any incident or situation not mentioned in the present Regulations will be resolved on site by the race director or the organisers.
Clause 32: It is prohibited to take photographs, or video footage, as well as displaying any race footage in the media without the written consent of the organisers. Publishing the race results and any photographic material following the race is in the absolute discretion of the organisers.
Clause 33: Any complaints or objections may be made in writing and delivered to the organisers until Saturday evening at 20:00hrs. The consideration of any complaints or objections remains in the exclusive discretion of the organisers.
Clause 34: Runners will be disqualified for any the following reasons:
- Failure to comply with the clauses of this Regulation.
- Failure to reach the cut-off times at all designated CPs.
- Wherever deemed necessary by race medics.
Clause 35: The organisers can intervene in the event of rules violation.
Clause 36: The organisers reserve the rights to change the race date, relocate CP locations, change the race time and cancel the event(s) if deemed necessary. In case of race cancellation for reasons beyond the control of the organisers (extreme weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, road blockades, industrial actions, prohibition from the authorities etc.), runners are not entitled to claim a refund equal to the race participation fee, flight costs, accommodation and other travel expenses.
Clause 37: PERSONAL DATA: The organisers will not make known to others the personal data of runners who apply for participation. Respecting the relevant legislation and considering absolute moral obligation to maintain secrecy, tthey safeguard the runners' information in a safe digital environment. Under publicity is only the name of the runner, the city of residence, age, and what he/she decides to publish (photo, personal website and a brief personal athletic resume).