Race Information

Cyprus Troodos Green Race 15KM
RACE DATE: 09 June 2019
START – FINISH: The race starts at 09.10 on Sunday the 9th of June 2019 from Troodos central square, follows a circular route and finishes at the same place.
REGISTRATION PERIOD: Until 2nd of June 2019.
RACE DISTANCE: The race distance is 15km.
ELEVATION: The race elevation is +240 total ascent.
CUT-OFF: The race is ideal for experienced trail runners, aged 18 years old and above, who can finish the race within the cut-off time of 2.5 hours.
The terrain will be 1,7 km asphalt and 13,6 km through natural trails (1,5 km in the Artemis and 10 km in the Atalante trails), 1,2 km in the skiing piste and 0,6 km through jeep track.
The start will take place at Troodos square (altitude 1724 m). After the start the runners will follow the main road from Troodos to Prodromos. After about 1,2 km the runners will turn left in the jeep track where after 500m (8% avg incline) they will reach the entrance of the Artemis trail. At the 3 rd km at an altitude of 1852 m the first refuelling station will be found.
Thereafter, there will be 300 m downhill on asphalt where, after the runners make a left turn they will run through a part of the Artemis trail. In about 500 m, the runners will find on their left the skiing piste (connection piste 1- Hera). There will be a 700 m uphill part with a high incline, which leads the runners to the peak of Olympus at an altitude of 1952 m, Cyprus’ highest point. There, the runners will be at the 4.5 km mark of the race and will pass through the first check point.
Following this, there will be a 500 m sharp downhill (which should be approached with caution), from the skiing piste of north face b. The runners, after passing the skiing center on their right will end up on asphalt terrain, where after about 200 m they will reach the entrance of Atalante trail and the 2 nd refuelling station will be found (5.2 km mark).
The route continuous through Atalante trail for 9,8 km until the finish in Troodos square. The Atalante trail has no significant altitude changes but it is very technical. At the 10,7 km mark the runners will find the 3 rd and last refuelling station. At this point the runners will pass through the 2 nd check point at 1749 m of altitude. 100 m prior to the 12 th km there is a natural spring with drinking water.
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