Garmin Cyprus Terra - Race Regulations

1. GENERAL: The Garmin Cyprus Troodos Terra is an international trail running event, comprising of the following races:
- Garmin Cyprus Troodos Marathon 42km
- Troodos Green Race + 27km
- Troodos Green Race 15km
- Charity Run 5km
- Kids Race 600m
All races are individual and each covers a circular route from Troodos central square and back.
2. REGISTRATION: All applications should be submitted electronically no later than 2nd June 2019, or before the extension date, should there be one announced. Any applications received after 2nd June will not be accepted.
3. COMPLIANCE: Regulations shall be binding in their entirety and directly applicable to all participants. Athletes are requested to respect the instructions of the race marshals and judges. Non-compliance with regulations or instructions always carries the penalty of exclusion. The race judges when aware of breaches of regulations, shall record them and inform the offenders.
All runners are expected to respect the Olympic spirit and Olympic ideals. Runners are to show impeccable manners and behave with courtesy to their fellow runners and the organisers.
4. REGISTRATION, FEES, and PAYMENT: You can find information regarding registrations, costs and procedures by clicking here. Refunds are not allowed for any reason.
5. REGISTRATION PACKAGE: The race fee for all participants includes:
- Bib numbers with electronic timing
- Food supplies and liquids
- Medical care
- Finisher's Medal
- The marathon 42km race includes the official race t-shirt and lunch after the race
6. RACE DATE: All Garmin Troodos Terra races start on Sunday 09/06/19. The schedule is as follows: Marathon 42km: Saturday at 05:30, Green Race +27km at 07:00, Kids Race at 09:00, Green Race 15km at 09:10 and Charity Race 5km at 09:20.
Runners will have to be present at the starting line at least an hour (1hr) earlier for preliminary checks. Late arrival will result in the runner’s disqualification.
7. CUT OFF – TIME LIMITS: The Marathon 42km race is officially finished within 9hrs from the designated start time. There are two cut-offs with the first being at the 16km at 2:30 from start time and second at the 27,2km at 6hrs from start time.
The Green Race +27km race is officially finished within 6hrs from the designated start time. There is one intermediate cut-off at the 16km at 2:30 from start time.
The Green Race 15km is officially finished within 2.5hrs from the designated start time.
Any runner who wishes to continue the race, after being eliminated due to cut-off time, can do so on his/her own full responsibility. In such case, the organiser is absolved of any liability regarding the health and safety of the runner.
8. WITHDRAW / DNF: Should a runner wish to withdraw from the race (DNF), he/she must hand over his/her BIB number to a race official and sign the withdrawal form at the nearest CP.
A runner who hands over his/her BIB number (DNF) is not allowed to remain in the race and re-enter at a later point without a number. Runners without a number are to be carried to the finish area by the organiser. Any runner with his/her own means of transportation must declare this in the withdrawal form found at the nearest CP.
9. ATHLETE’S NUMBER (BIB): Each athlete is obliged to have their race BIB number on them, on the front of their shirt and the number must remain visible throughout the entire race. Runners are to display their BIB number at every CP or race official. Refusal to display and declare the BIB number will result in disqualification. Loss of the BIB number will also lead to exclusion.
Note: All types of political messages, product promotion (marketing), beliefs and slogans are not allowed on the runners’ apparel.
Participants can only get their BIB themselves, using their Passport or ID card. A third party legally authorized can receive the BIB.
10. IMPORTANT: After completing the registration process, each athlete will get a confirmation email with their payment details. *Please remember to check your spam folder.
11. ROUTE MARKING: The course of the races follows, primarily, forest trails that are well maintained and marked. The route marking (km indications, direction and guiding signs) placed by the organizing committee is temporary; in order to aid the athletes and it is removed after the race. The trails and paths are sufficiently marked and well maintained, so that the athletes do not run the risk of losing the way. Should an athlete omit to see a course marking/sign within 300m from the last one saw, then he/she should return back to previous marking/sign and continue the course.
12. EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE: External assistance is allowed to athletes from people who are present at the Check points/Refreshment Stations. It is forbidden to be followed by a vehicle, bicycle, or individuals unrelated to the race, apart from the Organiser’s means of transport. However, family and friends can join the athletes in the last stages to the finishing line.
13. ASSISTING TOOLS: Possession and use of map, compass, GPS, mobile phone or radio (VHF) are permitted. Only for the Marathon 42km race, the use of walking/running poles is allowed.
14. ENVIRONMENTAL CARE: The organizing committee is very sensitive on matters regarding the protection of the environment. All athletes are requested not to litter and any waste must be disposed of at the checkpoints or refreshment stations (waste bags will be available). Anyone caught littering at any point during all races apart from the designated areas will be disqualified.
15. MOVEMENT IN PATH: Athletes are required to move along the path without forming groups by preventing athletes who would like to pass them. Athletes are requested to stand aside and should remain on the uphill (inner) side of the slope.
16. REFRESHMENTS / CHECK POINTS: At all major refreshment points, athletes will find water, isotonic drinks, fruit juices, coke, watermelons, bananas, crackers/biscuits, boiled potatoes, salt, snacks etc. Almost all CPs will be equipped with minimal first aid supplies (vaseline, gauzes, deep freeze spray, band aids, antiseptic, cotton, etc.). In secondary support stations basic replenishments will be found (refer to each race course map for more about refreshment stations.
17. EQUIPMENT: No mandatory equipment is required and plenty of light snacks and refreshments will be available throughout the courses, however, it is recommended to carry a small backpack or waist bag, with some basic supplies such as 0.50lt of water, hat/ bandana, electrolytes, gels or food items of your choice (depending on the weather conditions on race day). Mobile/satellite phones are also recommended. For practical and time-saving reasons, the water containers/bottles should have a wide opening for quick filling at refreshment stations.
Special Note: Any runners found using any illegal substances (doping) will be disqualified
18. SHORTCUTTING: Shortcutting is prohibited and runners face disqualification penalties. Each participant is responsible and obligated to pay attention to the markings and warning signs along the course. If for any reason a runner deviates from the course, he/she must return on foot at the point where he/she diverged. Only the organisers can transport a runner, if this is deemed necessary.
19 CHECK POINTS (CPs): Check Points are compulsory for all athletes. All Refreshment and Support Stations are also Check Points. BIB numbers should be visible by the race marshals, so that they can record them. Refusal of BIB demonstration equals to disqualification. Athletes who fail to present themselves at a Check Point, are not considered valid and face disqualification.
20. OBJECTIONS: Any complaints or objections may be made in writing and delivered to the organisers until Sunday evening at 20:00hrs. The consideration of any complaints or objections remain in the exclusive discretion of the organisers. Any incident or situation not mentioned in the present Regulations will be resolved on site by the race director or the organisers.
21. SAFETY: The organisers undertake the responsibility to supervise race routes for safety reasons, to provide medical care and help to athletes who might be in need. In cases where race organizers or marshals indicate a change of direction for safety reasons, athletes are obliged to obey. Refusal to comply will result in disqualification. At the main support station (Troodos square) specialized medical personnel will provide the appropriate treatment to the athletes. If the race medics decide that an athlete is not able to continue, then the athlete is required to hand over their BIB.
22. ROUTE MODIFICATION / RESCHEDULING: The organisers reserve the rights to change the race date, relocate CP locations, change the race time and cancel the event(s) if deemed necessary. In case of race cancellation for reasons beyond the control of the organisers (inclement weather, hurricanes, earthquakes, road blockades, industrial actions, prohibition from the authorities etc.), runners are not entitled to claim a refund equal to the race participation fee, flight costs, accommodation and other travel expenses.
23. RACE RESULTS: The race timing service will need some time to elaborate the data and issue the race results. These will be announced on the organizers web page.
24. PENALTIES: All runners are to reach the CPs no later than the cut off times. Failure to do so will result in disqualification where runners must hand over their BIB numbers. Where judged necessary by the organisers, runners may be allowed to proceed to the next CP as long as they remain within the time limits. Failure to reach the next CP on time will result in disqualification.
Runners will be disqualified for any the following reasons:
- Failure to comply with the clauses of this Regulation.
- Failure to reach the cut-off times at all designated CPs.
- Whereas deemed necessary by race medics.
25. AWARDS: The first six (6) finishers of both male and female athletes will be awarded for the Marathon 42km, and Green Race 15km races. The the first three (3) finishers of both male and female athetes will be awarded for Green Race +27km and Charity Run 5km races. For the kids race the first three (3) boys and girls will be awarded.
Finishing runners, regardless of ranking, are to be present at the prize award ceremony. Any athletes who for any reason choose to leave the award ceremony will not be awarded and will not receive the race awards. Should an athlete is unable to attend the award ceremony, he/she should inform the organisers in advance.
26. COPYRIGHT: It is prohibited to take photographs, or video footage, as well as displaying any race footage in the media without the written consent of the organisers. Publishing the race results and any photographic material following the race is in the absolute discretion of the organisers. Each athlete by submitting the application form, automatically accepts this term, knowing that their personal data can be displayed in photos or videos. It is also important to notice that compensation claims for any publication of the material will be rejected.
27. PERSONAL DATA: The organisers will not make known to others the personal data of runners who apply for participation. Respecting the relevant legislation and considering absolute moral obligation to maintain secrecy, it keeps the runners' information secret in a safe digital environment. Under publicity is only the name of the runner, the city of residence, age, and what he/she decides to publish (photos, personal website and a brief personal athletic resume).
28. DISCLAIMER: The Organising Committee bears no responsibility whatsoever for the runners’ health during and after the race and shall not be liable for death, injury or any health damage of the participants, who by submitting the application form, declare and agree to assume full responsibility of their health and absolve the Organiser and any participant parties (judges, volunteers, police or sponsors) from any responsibility. Runners should realise that the race is demanding, ensure that their health condition allows them to participate and that they are adequately prepared. Runners should also be aware that due to the immense race distance, medical coverage is not available throughout the race and at all times.